The Asabari Consultative Council, a non-Governmental group based in
Saki, Oyo State, is not happy with the Ibadan Electricity Distribution
Company (IBEDC) for what it termed as abysmal electricity distribution to
the ancient town. In a release by the electricity committee which was signed
by its Secretary, Adesina Adeyemi, and of which a copy was made available
to PowerUpNigeria News, the IBEDC was accused of confirming the stance of most electricity consumers in Saki as to “intentional negligence and always providing a short-lived response to complaints that will only lead to cosmetics improvements in supply”.

The release reads further- ” we sympathize with the entirety of Saki as to the
abysmal power situation which is affecting us as a whole. We are aware of the manner by which many residents have been showing true concern as to the determination of the Asabari Consultative Council towards seeing to a better supply, we are not silent in fighting for a true cause nor are we tired of engaging the Distribution Company (Disco) whose franchise covers Saki (the IBEDC). Recently, the leadership of the Asabari Consultative Council gave replies and updates to the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission
(NERC) and the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) formerly Consumer Protection Council (CPC), as to poor power supply Saki has been subjected to under IBEDC. It is on
record that in the heat of challenging IBEDC in 2018, Saki always record little improvements in supply which we termed as cosmetics improvements in responding to our complaints, and once no eyebrow is raised, IBEDC will plunge Saki to endless darkness”. It was maintained that the group in accusing of an intentional negligence of its Saki consumers, IBEDC cannot exonerate itself of the past accusation based on recent poor supply.

In another development, the group is said to be investigating some sharp
practices exhibited by the IBEDC in the recently concluded Asset and
Customer Enumeration exercise. “We have received complaints from a considerable number of electricity customers in Saki as to a new tactic of giving a single apartment two separate bills even without any formal application or consent to warrant such since the conclusion of the enumeration exercise. We see this new development as more of restrictive trade practice and manipulation of the affected customers. As long as the
Asabari Consultative Council has been seen as a medium by which many a customers can been channeling their complaints against IBEDC shabby treatment of complaints, we will not fail in doing the needful as much as we can.