The Asabari Consultative Council, through its electricity Committee, is not pleased with the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company, IBEDC, over what it termed an intentional and continued act of neglect in the distribution of electricity and carrying Saki along as power supply is concerned.

In a statement made available by the electricity committee of the council to PowerUp News, the Asabari Consultative Council frowned at IBEDC’s decision to leave out Saki electricity consumers in the scheme of thing through the IBEDC Light Up program. The statement released by the Asabari Consultative Council reads – “the committee condemned in strong terms what it termed as fake assurances of regular and constant power supply by the IBEDC as power supply has not recorded the promised improvement as expected. The committee accused the IBEDC of leaving Saki out in the scheme of things as to knowing latest developments on electricity matters.

The Asabari Consultative Council is concerned as to the newly introduced television program by the IBEDC – IBEDC Light Up/ Imole de. The IBEDC is seen to be focusing its enlightenment on some sections of its customers thereby leaving Saki in perpetual darkness. The committee has discovered that the motives of the IBEDC whose focus is centered majorly on profits without attempting to upgrade most facilities that will facilitate regular supply to Saki and environs, as the media outfits that may serve as means of same program to Saki and environs have either packed up or struggling to exist. The period of existence of IBEDC as a disco whose franchise covered Saki and environs was reviewed, and has turned out to be the worst electricity experience on record.

The findings of the Committee which emanated from the monitored IBEDC Light up program and tweets revealed that issues as to MAP metering process, safety, meter disputes and many others have been discussed in some past episodes of the IBEDC Light up program. The committee resolved to seek for redress against this negligent act of the IBEDC for leaving Saki electricity consumers out of quality service and proper enlightenment without delay.

The recent revelations by the Secretary of the committee, Adesina Edward, as to number of hours that IBEDC supplies Saki with electricity calls for concern. The supply schedule by the IBEDC as recorded for the period of ten (10) days, which was made available of recent to PowerUp News shows that, Saki was supplied with 24hrs of electricity. The table below shows the verified supply details as provided by the electricity committee of the Asabari Consultative Council supply monitoring team.