It is truly regrettable that we either spend time on propaganda or propagate information that is inconsistent with facts rather than putting heads together to seek resolution of NESI’s issues.

For emphasis, please see the following –

LIES “The supply growth from the takeover date of November 1, 2013 to date shows that available generation capacity, which was 4,214.32MW, has increased by 93.27 per cent to 8,145MW (as Gencos recovered 3,930.68MW).
“Due to system constraints, generated power is rejected or forced to be reduced to match the infrastructure that transmits and distributes this power to the customer”

TRUTH: While there has been commendable recovery of generation capacity, a review of NCC records would indicate that peak generation ever, has been 5,373 MW (7th February 2019), with gas (mostly), hydro and line constraints. With 25 out of 28 of our power plants fueled by gas, it sems to me to be misleading to keep making references to generation availability of 8,145 MW, when effectively, to date, only a peak of 5,373 MW has been achieved, due to lack of gas, principally.

LIES: “Out of the meagre 5,500MW of transmission wheeling capacity, the Discos have not proven to be able to distribute more than 4,500MW, continuously leaving yet another 1,000MW of generation capacity unutilised”

TRUTH: First of all, DisCos can only distribute energy that they receive. Secondly, the most energy ever wheeled by TCN is 4,557 MW, with generation at 5,074 MW (7th February 2016). Even at the peak generation of 5,373 MW (7th February 2019), the maximum energy wheeled to the DisCos was 4,303 MW. Finally, it is important to mention that a stress test conducted by TCN in 2015 indicated that the DisCos have a distribution capacity of 6,288 MW. The more recent distribution capacity indicated by Siemens in its “Electrification Roadmap for Nigeria” report, May 7th, 2019” is 11,000 MW.

I would suggest that there is greater value to an independent assessment of the technical capacity of NESI, for the minimum alignment of the entire value chain, gas-to-power, than the effort we spend on information that is not consistent with the facts.

Thank you.

ANED…….Truth is Constant.