The Asabari Consultative Council (ACC), a pressure group in Saki Town of Oyo State, which has also been at the forefront of demanding for regular electricity supply from the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company(IBEDC), has commenced awareness across the nook and cranny of the ancient city on what it tagged “paying for what you use” system.

In a release signed by Secretary of the Electricity Committee of the Asabari Consultative Council made available to newsmen and of which a copy was obtained by PowerUp News, Mr Adesina Edward Adeyemi stated that Saki will no longer tolerate the many failed promises of the IBEDC. In the statement released on 11 October, 2018 by the ACC, it was alleged that “IBEDC has no record of facility upgrade since its takeover from Power Holding Company of Nigeria(PHCN) that can show that Saki has had it good with the IBEDC. It is unfortunate to note that the meeting between the IBEDC and ACC of 25 September, 2018, confirmed the allegations of willful neglect against the IBEDC in serving Saki electricity consumers better.” A further peep into the release by the ACC revealed that most metered (prepaid, analogue and digital) customers are currently being billed wrongly by the IBEDC, hence a pile up of unjustified electricity bills on many a customers’ account.

It was disclosed in the statement of the ACC that, “a research carried out showed that hardly will a metered customer consume up to 8KWH in billing cycle with the supply pattern of a-day-on-a-day-off in a month”. The report of the meeting between ACC and IBEDC team shows an indirect confirmation of the said electricity supply pattern, whereby the IBEDC regional head(commercial),Tope Bailey, claimed that the feeder serving Saki can only last for a maximum period of four(4) hours before it trips off, after which it will take not less than twenty four(24) hours to clear the fault. The ACC has however held a rapport with leaders of communities and landlords associations in conjunction with the umbrella body of all Saki indigenes, Saki Parapo, immediately after the meeting hosted by the ACC with the IBEDC.

It was at this meeting with community leaders that a proposal of N300 (three hundred Naira) be paid across all customer class pending the time that IBEDC will change for the better as to electricity supply to Saki. The ACC justified the amount to be paid based on the available evidence at its disposal; the number of customer classes in Saki and the research carried out as to number of units usually consumed on a monthly basis based on the supply pattern by the IBEDC.

The ACC in its statement submitted further that, “though we are aware of the existence of the abused Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) Methodology for Estimated Billing, 2012, we remain resolute in pressing forward as to what electricity customers in Saki will be paying as the circumstances calls for such. That Saki electricity customers will not pay above N300 is not against any known law regulating the Nigerian power sector. For any customer to pay such amount henceforth is more of magnanimity on the part of such customer considering the very poor supply Saki has been subjected to for long by the IBEDC.

The ACC promised to maintain a close tab on the compliance by the electricity consumers as to the adopted payment pattern with a promise to organise a town hall meeting to either call for downward or upward review anytime soon.

The Asabari Consultative Council’s justification of (300NGN) Explained.

For a customer classified as Commercial (C1):

  • A typical metered customer (analogue, prepaid and digital) consumes at an average 8KWH in a month(due to supply pattern that has never exceeded 15 days for the past 6 months),
  • A customer on a Commercial (C1) class pays (30NGN approx. per unit),

8*30= #240

A VAT of 5% will be #12

Total charge for the month will be #240+#12= #252 .

For a customer classified as Residential (R2)

  • A typical metered customer (analogue, prepaid, digital) consumes at an average 8KWH in a month (due to supply pattern that has never exceeded 15 days for the past 6months),
  • A customer on a Residential (R2) class pays (25NGN approx. per unit),

8*25 = #200

A VAT of 5% will be #10Total charge for the month will be #200+#10 = #210