Something is not quite right at Abuja Electricity Distribution Company. The volume of complaints  pouring in from the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company is overwhelming, to say the least.

Close observation has actually revealed that the Management believes their Franchise Area is not beyond the main Abuja Metropolis, and may also have been reluctant to attend to issues that is not directly linked to the Abuja Metropolis.

Apart from the myriads of Customer Complaints ranging from inadequate power supplies, unrepaired Transformers, numerous uncleared faults, even the MAP drive has been limited to the Abuja metropolis, farthest known area of activities being Mararaba/Nyanya on the FCT/Nasarawa State Border.

This is not to mention their going for a cosmetic attempt at Kontagora in Niger State, a move that was reportedly influenced by a top indigene of that town.

Customers from Karu, Lugbe, Gwagwalada, Suleja, Minna, Lokoja, etc, cannot boast of enjoying any good service from AEDC. There was even a protest recently in Nasarawa State during one of the public consultations on Tariff Review.

The following are the volumes ofcomplaints received from these areas:

Complaint 1 from Lugbe

Complaint 2 from Lugbe

Complaint 3 From Lugbe

Complaint 4 From Lugbe

Complaint 1 From Lokoja

Complaint 1 From Minna

Complaint 2 From Minna

Complaints From Lokoja, Kogi State Capital

Please note that these are highlights of complaints and in no way exhaustive

While the management from the Head Office appears to be singing a different tune when asked about Customer Service capacity and delivery, this efforts does not reflect on all the Coverage Areas.

Places like Minna, the capital city of Niger State, one of the key power generating States in Nigeria, experiences an average of 2hours of power supplies daily, while other places like Gwagwalada and parts of Lugbe, despite the proximity to Abuja metropolis, go days without power supplies.

Suleja town, recently, has just promised, through one of the lawyers resident in the town, a lawsuit immediately the #Covid19 stay at home orders elapsed.

There has also been complaints on the conducts of AEDC staff across their franchise area who helps with illegal connections while pocketing money raised from such unregistered Customers, thereby also short changing the Management of distribution company.

So many communities are either waiting for installation of Transformers, or replacement or repairs of old Transformers, with no immediate hope of finding succor.

Yes, while it may be argued that these issues are not limited to Abuja Electricity Distribution Company, it should also be pointed out paying customers continues to groan under this massive neglect and dereliction of responsibilities, and such should actually be condemned by all, and the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission should actually pay attention to the Management of AEDC.

It remains to be seen what effort the Management of Abuja Electricity Distribution Company is putting in to offer improved power supply to their Customers outside the main Abuja Town. AEDC might be focusing all their efforts on the developed state of the Federal Capital Town of Abuja for their revenue drive, without putting much effort into improving power supplies to other parts of their franchise.

The AEDC Directors Feud  is experiencing  quiet storm. The feud between the CEC Africa (CECA) and Xerxes Global Investment, both core investors of KANN utility Company limited that manages Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC). CECA is insisting that it is entitled to a majority share in the company.

The feud is because of unreconciled financial obligations between the core investors. Now ask yourself how these people would treat Customers?

The Verdict?

“It is obvious that AEDC has failed in investing in new infrastructures and equipments which is the reason why we are always in darkness in the slightest opportunity.I don’t see the reason why a private profit oriented entity like AEDC will not overhaul most of the obsolete infrastructures and equipments it met on ground since taken over. The falling poles and most especially all the wooden poles should have been replaced by concretes poles by now. All the zigzag distribution  cables ought to have been replaced by now. All the obsolete transformers and other critical equipments also need to have been overhauled by now. There is the need for AEDC to stop acting like the former NEPA if they really mean business. I also think the way the policy makers structured the privatization of the power sector is somehow contributing to the inefficiency of the distribution companies! Had it been no single distribution company is given the monopoly of a particular section or location ( just like the TELECOMMUNICATION Industry), there will be proactiveness and some sort of efficiency.”

We will be highlighting major challenges across the AEDC networks in the coming days