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@IkejaElectric Vs Customers: Pay More Or Get Disconnected

Layinka imagine their staff from Ifako Ijaiye Undertaking came over to my office today with my bill and refused to hand it over, asking me to come and collect it at their office because and I quote “you no dey bring money come awa office, na online you dey pay” @IkejaElectric

Let’s pause it here for a while.

The customer by the nick “Ohsean” just openly reported that his bill was not delivered to him in person because he pays using their online platform thereby avoiding paying bribe to Ikeja Electric staffers.

You would notice from the picture up above that IE pride themselves in not collecting bribe, so what is it their staff is demanding from @IamOHsean?

This is absolutely wrong, but it doesn’t end there… Follow us to the next post.