Mixed reactions follow claim by a twitter user over 6 days uninterrupted power supply by @EKEDP. When probed further, the customer revealed that this magic happened at Ikota, under Eko DisCo.

Following reactions from two other customers, Olasunbo Apapan was quoted to have said “You’re lucky, our own luck ran out after four days, we went back to gen this evening!!” while Iyabo Arinola Awokoya revealed that she was busy enjoying her 6th day of 24hrs daily power supply before the light went out a few minutes ago.

With the report looking too good to be true, some other customers challenged the claim of the Customer who we identified as Deezer according to his profile name (Deezer234 #Sapere Aude! @deezer234) on the social media platform, twitter.

Doherty OLOKETUYI‏ @dolutuyi did not hide her dissatisfaction with Eko DisCo as she said, “This is misinformation and fake news. Judging from antecedents, EKEDP can never give uninterrupted power supply.”

Another twitter user by the handle, @sopesupi in his reply to @deezer234 simply remarked, “Fools paradise”

While more twitter users commented on the issue, Omoeko‏ @BolargyngLanre joined the conversation after @PowerUpNG found out from the customer where he resides and have been enjoying his magic of uninterrupted power supply for the 6 days. @BolargyngLanre refuted the claim and efficiency of the DisCo by tweeting, “Maybe Ikota area is on different from grid which is outside Nigeria! Shame on you Ekedc for not serving and coming up with this propaganda!!!”

@BolargyngLanre further blurted out her displeasure at the services of @EKEDP, in a tweet where the handle was quoted to have said, “I don’t understand why it’s so hard to revoke the license given to @EKEDP because of their in capabilities, no power supply and continuous estimating bills to customers which is a criminal offense. They refused to share prepaid meters because they want to keep extorting us”, it would be clear that not all agree with the claim that Eko Electricity Distribution Plc. can actually deliver 6 days of uninterrupted power supply. And to further buttress that fact, here’s what Kesh Obichere‏ @Keshdiva said “@EKEDP please give us light in Oniru to watch the @NGSuperEagles play..”

While @Deezer234 claim is worth celebrating, it should be noted that the 6 days uninterrupted, power supply, which he claims, falls right through the period when we had the national grid collapse on Friday and Saturday, 21st and 22nd of June 2018.

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